This site is a place where we will gather resources websites, educational games, videos for educating people about internet safety.

You must use your own group's home page to build from. When creating new pages include your group's name in new page name. For example : CyberbullyingLentog

You may use the discussion to ask questions to other group members, not for hi's and lols. is a great place to find videos related to your topic, you may not search youtube at school unless you check with me first please.

Each sub-group should have: A definition of the topic you are researching, tips , at least 5 good websites with summaries of what is on the website, a video/videos embedded in the page with brief summaries.

You must also keep a list of where you obtained the information and provide a list of the websites used at the bottom of your page(s).

Video on what a wiki is and how it can be used.

Directory of Internet Safety sites.

EWG Internet Safety.notebook

Provincially Purchased Internet Safety Program