He is stealing information!


He is trying to steal info from the "identity theft" laptop!

This is about identity theft ;

(")_(") <--> this bunny is going to tell you every thing you need to know to keep your idenity to yourself !

Us : What is identity theft ?

Bunny : identity theft is when you give out your personal information to others.
such as ;
  • birth certificate
  • medicare card
  • bank card
  • full name
  • social insurance number (SIN)
  • Social Security card
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Us: what can we do to protect ourselves mister bunny ?

Bunny: Things you should do to help against identity theft are;

  • sign all credit cards when you receive them
  • never loan your credit cards to anyone
  • cancel credit cards you do not use and keep a list of the ones you use regularly
  • immediately report lost or stolen credit cards and any discrepancies in your monthly statements to the issuing credit card company
  • never leave receipts at bank machines, bank wickets, in trashcans, or at unattended gasoline pumps; ensure you destroy paperwork you no longer need
  • never provide personal information such as SIN, date of birth, credit card numbers, or PIN over the telephone unless you initiate the call
  • promptly remove mail from your ‘secure’ mailbox after delivery and do not leave pieces of mail lying around your residence or work site
  • shred or otherwise destroy pre-approved credit card applications, credit card receipts, bills and related information when no longer needed
  • avoid keeping a written record of your bank PIN number(s), social insurance number and computer passwords, and never keep this information in your wallet or hand bag
  • avoid mail or telephone solicitations disguised as promotions or surveys offering instant prizes or awards designed for the purpose of obtaining your personal details including credit card numbers

Identity theft has become an increasingly popular crime in Canada as a result of recent advances in technology. Identity theft involves stealing, misrepresenting or hijacking the identity of another person or business and provides an effective means to commit other crimes.Vital information such as name, address, date of birth, social insurance number, and mother’s maiden name need to be acquired in order to complete the impersonation. The identity thief can take over the victim’s financial accounts, open new bank accounts, transfer bank balances, apply for loans, credit cards and other services, purchase vehicles, take luxury vacations, and so on.

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