Gopit phishing sites
Phising is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to steal somebody's online identity. They also try to make the same site as face book, you tube, msn, eBay, etc ... and they would say that you account could not be found so please send your credit number to help us find you account again. Then they would use it and pretend that they are you
external image Yahoo-Hosts-Phishing-Sites-2.pngphishing
external image phishing-1.jpgexternal image Q108_crimeware_URLs.jpg These tables are about the frequency of stealing malicious code urls and unique applications the amounts in each month.
Crimeware-spreading URLs infecting PCs with password-stealing
code rose 93 percent in Q1, 2008 to 6,500 sites, nearly
double the previous high of November, 2007 - and an increase
of 337 percent from the number detected end of Q1, 2007.

external image Q108crimewarevariants.jpg
The number of unique keyloggers and crimeware-oriented
malicious applications detected rose to 430 in March,
an all-time record some 18 percent greater than the previous
record month of January, 2008, when 364 unique malicious
applications were detected.

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