-If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it isn’t true!!
Email Scams are emails that you recieve that are false and not true. Some e-mails tell you to give them information, such as your credit card numbers and they said they will give you a free trip somewhere, or a large amout of money ( like the photo above ). But that doesn't happen, they just steal your money and leave you with nothing. So if you get one of these emails, just delete them and try to avoid even opening them. If you don't want to get these emails, you could block the user from sending you emails, or you could make those emails who are sent from that person go straight to junk mail. This is a photo of an email scam that someone recieved(BELOW)
E-mail fraud may be avoided by:
  • keeping one's e-mail address as secret as possible
  • ignoring unsolicited e-mails of all types, simply deleting them. .
  • if you have been defrauded, report it to law enforcement authorities — many frauds go unreported, due to embarrassment

Another example of the E-mail scams is a popular scam that has been hitting the inbox's lately is the
Nigerian Scams, or known as 419. The message claims that your help is need to access large amounts of money,there in no actual money, those who fall for the Scam are later asked for advanced fees required to recieve the large sum of money. These people may also become victims of identity theft.

Some e-mails, which claim to be from banks and credit card companies lead people to phoney websites that closely resemble other legitimate sites. The sites then prompt people for their passwords and account numbers.

Here is a link to a real email scam that someone recieved. This email scam is trying
to tell you , that you won money. For more information on this email scam... check
this link out
**http://www.hoax-slayer.com/twingate-email-lotto.html** external image thief.gif

THE TOP FIVE INTERNET SCAMS, visit this page and look at the top 5 internet scams over the world wide web today.
[[http://secure2.bsafeonline.com/NewsLetter/Vol1/Issue4/topinternetscams.asp |http://secure2.bsafeonline.com/NewsLetter/Vol1/Issue4/topinternetscams.asp]]

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