Cyber bullying

That is a video of someone who's cyberbullied by his "friends" at school. This shows that you should talk to
a teacher or an adult about it, and it will help solve the problem. This boy didn't talk about it to his mom or teacher at first
which was a bad idea because it just got worse (the webpage, etc) This is just one senario of cyderbullying.

This next video is something that actually happened to a girl from australia and goes to show just how much cyberbullying can emotionaly scar people by an incredible amount

This is a video about a real kid who has had real problems with cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is Bullying and hurts people just as much. If you've ever had a problem with cyber bullying you should tell a parent or a teacher because it will probably and most likely get worse. much like it did in both of these videos

1.I learned that cyber bulling is just as bad as bullying or sometimes worse and people should never do it because you can ruin someone’s life

2. I find both of them just as interesting and effective because they both show that cyber bullying has horrible effects on people and shows that cyber bullying can come in many different ways like in the first video with kids at school and the second video with girls over the internet.

3.Yes it is a good way for kids and adults to learn about internet safety.