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This artical is telling about how some child predators are getting through to kids by online gaming on counsels
such as the xbox 360 and the playstation 3.

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The secret network of child predators.
Pedophilia has exponentially worsened through communities of the like-minded
BRIAN BETHUNE | April 23, 2007 |
In Britain, London police once arrested a photographer with 130,000 pornographic images of children.

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Child predator sentenced to 4 years

By Tonia Noe-Rose - Staff Writer

Child predator Paul Keith Terry will spend the next four years in prison on charges of using electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sex and distributing obscene material to a minor over the Internet.

Oprah Winfery
Chances are they're sitting next you in church. They live next door to you. They're professional maniulators.
They're Internet child predators. And they're a bigger problem than Oprah Winfrey and you probably ever imagined.
Winfrey pleaded Monday with America to take a stand against child pornography and predators -- an issue that's exploded far more than most of us ever could have imagined.
It's an issue many of those who haven't been affected by it don't realize is there or how big it's become. You know it's happening somewhere, but not to what extent.

Last night, the CTV current affairs program W-Fichild_preadtorsve broadcast a program in which several Canadian men were caught striking up highly sexual online chats with someone they believed to be a young girl. The men then arrived at a house in the Toronto area hoping to meet the girl - but instead they met a reporter and cameras. But does the show - modelled after Dateline NBC's long-running To Catch a Predator series - risk jeopardizing police investigations?

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